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Providence Healthcare Services is established to provide love and quality care services to individuals  with  developmental  disabilities,  to  enable  them  to  live,  work,  socialize  and
participate more actively in the community as loyal citizen..

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Adventure – Recreation

Fun and Safe Recreation Experiences to the individuals we serve

In   Our Group Homes

We are a team dedicated to delivering fun and safe experiences to the individuals we serve. 

We provide a wide range of activities that are rooted in safety, healing, and fun. By offering a balance of activities, we provide our residents with the opportunity to participate in art & music, traditional sports, adventure sports & community-centered involvement. Between our two group homes, we have;

  1. Karaoke

  2. Yoga

  3. Zumba

  4. Board game

  5. Indoor bike exercise 

  6. Trampoline

  7. Swing

  8. Painting

  9. Puzzle game

  10. Dance night 

  11. Dinner night 

  12. Movie Night

The intention of all the activities we do is to provide an outlet for release and fulfillment. 

Arts & Culture: coloring, poetry, creative drawing, jewelry making, movie & dinner night, painting & others.

Special Events & Celebrations: 

Fun outdoor recreation.

If interested in learning more about Providence Healthcare’s  Home & Community Services, see below…

Social Recreation and how we do it!